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ZwemZa is an Independent Swim News Site that provides news to a wide range of aquatics enthusiasts around the world.

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  1. Desiree Theron permalink

    Where can I buy the SaferSwimmer device. We live in Gauteng

  2. Desiree Theron permalink

    Where can I buy the saferswimmer devices

    • ZwemZa permalink

      Contact Wayne Riddin at SwimZone on +27 82 570 1951

  3. Warren permalink

    Please note you have entered incorrect times in your article. Please rectify asap. Hendrick swam a 2’06″89.

    Check results correctly

  4. John Smith permalink

    Hi, please remove this page as it is inaccurate and contradicts GDPR guidelines as well as a copyrighted image

  5. Hi,
    Do you offer ad space (or sponsored posts) on ?
    If so, what would you charge?
    Do you have more websites within the swimming niche?

    Best Regards,
    Digital Content Zone

    • ZwemZa permalink

      Hi Steve, yes we do & we have a further 3 sites. Admin

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