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‘Horrific’: Photo that’s infuriated swimmer Emily Seebohm

by ZwemZa on May 8th, 2022

Right wing activist group, Advance Australia has thrown significant effort behind campaigning against Labor, The Greens and Independents this election

Aussie swimmer Emily Seebohm has fired back after a billboard used her image to campaign against trans women in sport.

Both Swimming Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee are threatening legal action over the ad, which they say used the images without permission.

Conservative lobby group Advance Australia displayed pictures of Ms Seebohm and fellow swimmers Emma McKeon and Dawn Fraser alongside the words: “Women’s sport is not for men.”

“I have no idea who Advance Australia is but … I don’t want my photo next to something saying transphobic,” Ms Seebohm told The Project.

“That is a statement that I’ve never said and I don’t suggest nor support that and … the photo is just horrific! So the whole thing is just awful to me.”

The four-time Olympic backstroke champion said past statements by her regarding participation in women’s sport used by Advance Australia to justify their billboard were taken out of context.

“I’ve not once said that I don’t want inclusivity in this sport. I want everyone to feel included in this sport, we just have to work out how that works and how this will look,” she said.

Advance Australia formed in 2018 in response to “woke politicians and elitist activist groups”.

The groups media statements are largely supportive of Scott Morrison and the Coalition while attacking Labor and the Greens on issues including Climate Change.

Ms Seebohm said the conversation about how to make elite sport inclusive and fair for everyone was still being had but that people should be able to talk “freely”.

“I a hundred per cent want trans athletes in sport. It’s a hard conversation to have because we just don’t know where that fits in yet,” she said.

“Whether it is a female race, a male race and a transgender race we just don‘t know yet, that’s something that needs to be discussed and we need to work out how to do that so everyone feels safe and supported and the competition is fair at the end of the day.”

Drawing a distinction between community sport and top level competitions like the Olympics, Ms Seebohm pointed out that the margins between women’s and men’s competitions were large at the top.

She said the 8th placed male in her event, the 200m backstroke, would have won the women’s event by five or six seconds.

She said in the case of community-level sport the playing field was more level and may require a different approach.

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