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Ryan Murphy talks about LA Current, commonalities among champions

by ZwemZa on September 20th, 2020

Olympic swimmer Ryan Murphy (ISL)

Three-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Ryan Murphy chatted with Digital Journal’s Markos Papadatos about the second season of the International Swimming League (ISL), the Goldfish Swim School, and the commonalities that he sees among champions.

He is thrilled to be back with the Los Angeles Current with Lenny Krayzelburg as the team’s General Manager. “It’s awesome to be back on a team with a lot of my Cal teammates. I really enjoyed getting to know Lenny Krayzelburg last year in terms of the way that he thinks and his vision for what the Los Angeles Current is going to be, which totally aligns with me,” he said.

“Lenny is an incredible role model for me and every time I see him I try to pick his brain. The way that we approach things is very similar. We are totally on the same page in the way that we think. Growing up, he was an idol of mine and now I consider him a friend and a mentor. It’s cool to see how life works itself out,” Murphy added.

He acknowledged that #RecesswithRyan went “great.” “We did that in the beginning of COVID-19 because I was getting a tons of DMs from parents and kids asked ‘what can we do right now since we don’t have access to a pool’ and ‘how do we stay in shape.’ I put those videos out to answer those questions to the general public, and I think it turned out really well. There were kids that got super into it and they posted their workout challenge videos and that was a really good thing. The reason I use social media is to engage with fans.”

Murphy praised the Goldfish Swim School for being a “world-class company with world-class people.” “I am so thankful to have the support of Goldfish Swim School for the past couple of years and to continue having their support moving forward,” he said.

Regarding the commonalities that he sees among champions, he remarked, “I extend this to business leaders and anybody who has achieved a high level of success in anything. Some of those are a good ability to be self-aware and to plan. That’s the first step. Second, there is a relentless pursuit of excellence. The best are unwilling to accept failure, they continue to work at something until they get it right. That drive and stubbornness to be successful really separates them from the pack. Finally, it’s how they deal with pressure: the best are able to stay the same under pressure.”

“For the best, their game is always on and their brain is always operating at 100 percent. When the pressure is really high, the best have no falloff, they just continue to do what they always do. They have this inherent confidence that no matter what is going on they can still perform at the highest level,” he added

Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy (Jack Spitser)

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he responded, “Getting Better Every Day.” “Getting better as a human being (I am really happy of the person I am today), I am really happy with my endeavors outside of the pool and I am really happy with my friendships, my golf game, and swimming as well. I am really motivated to just be better and that’s what I am doing every day,” he explained.

Speaking of champions, Murphy was recently featured in the Webby-nominated “Champion’s Mojo” podcast, which was hosted by Kelly Palace and Maria Parker. “That was a good one. I actually really love the format of podcasts,” he said.

When asked what his personal favorite Blink-182 song is, he responded, “What’s My Age Again?” “My favorite song in that genre is ‘Ocean Avenue’ by Yellowcard. They are great,” he said.

Murphy concluded about the Goldfish Swim School, “A lot of their schools are reopening right now, and they are impressive in every turn. Their health protocols are impressive and so is their ability to bounce back and weather this storm. I am super optimistic for the future of that company. I am really excited to be a part of it.”

Ryan Murphy partakes in a Goldfish Swim School fundraiser

Ryan Murphy partakes in a Goldfish Swim School fundraiser
Goldfish Swim School
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