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Swimming teacher creates petition to get back to work

by ZwemZa on April 28th, 2020

Debi Staal is one of the many Richards Bay-based swimming teachers out of work and with no income during the lockdown

More than 2 000 swimming teachers from across the country have signed a petition aimed at allowing swim lessons to be exempted from the lockdown bans.

The Avaaz online petition highlights the importance of swimming, using the country’s drowning statistics as a reason for teachers to get back into the pool.

It also outlines proposed measures to be implemented should they be given the go-ahead.

‘The reality is that Covid-19 is here and we all need to play our part to stop the spread, but it does not lessen the risk of drownings, especially among our children,’ the petition stated.

It mentioned that drowning is right up there with road traffic accidents as one of the leading causes of accidental death in the country.

Scielo South Africa states that drowning mortality rates are highest among children under the age of  15, and in particular those younger than five years old.

‘We believe that learning to swim should be brought to the table and seen as a very essential industry within our country,’ said the petition’s creator, Matt P.

‘We believe this industry should be allowed to return sooner, rather than later.

‘With children being at home all day, the risk of them wandering off is even higher.

‘Swimming is a skill that could potentially save a child’s life.’

Proposed safety measures to keep in line with lockdown risk levels include swimming teachers wearing masks at all times, keeping out-of-pool staff members to a minimum, reduced class sizes based on pool size, implementing a five-minute rule for parents to arrive before and leave after lessons, arranged seating to promote social distancing, compulsory hand sanitising, strict cleaning protocol of items used during swimming lessons, one parent per child rule, and the removal of play areas outside the pool.

Tamlyn Jolly | Zululand Observer

  1. Nadine permalink

    Please we need to start work as soon as possible as.this is our only income! I agree on this article, and fully support it.

  2. Swimming is a life skill that needs daily practice. Children not doing lessons will forget what they have learned which can have very bad consequences. The need for swinschools to re-open is crucial as this can save lives as well.

  3. I agree and request that the swimming school re opens. Teaching swimming is learning to save your life and another person’s life.
    Children enjoy this activity. It also assists with children children that are challenging with medical disorders and physical disorders. It helps them to gain strength and feel better and overcome their fears and problems. From Ryk Neethling swim school we are 100 %in favor of swimming school reopening.

  4. We need to open swimming schools to prevent lids from drowning!! Kids are our future and we need to take care of all their needs.
    We will take pre-cautions and keep them safe in the pool!

  5. My teachers and myself are desperate to start work as we are all breadwinners in our families. I believe if we wear the hard visor and teach one on one we should be able to start teaching safely. There is also the opportunity to teach from outside the water with many of our students. Not sure we will survive another month without income. We also believe our profession is an essential service teaching a life skill. Please, we can sanitize premises, clients and parents all the time.

  6. Nompumelelo Msimanga permalink

    Will be happy to get back to work.

  7. Sue Watson permalink

    Please help those swimming clubs to earn a living and teach an important life skill .

  8. Tinah Els permalink

    Swimming clubs need to be reopened. Pleeeease

  9. David Watson permalink

    This is an essential skill to save lives. As Doctors work to save patients from killer diseases, swimming coaches work to save people from drowning particularly young children.

  10. maria teixeira permalink

    Allow swim schools to reopen, albeit in a safe environment.

  11. Michele Raynard permalink

    Our kids need to swim to keep fit! Please re open the swimming clubs.

  12. Mastoraan Biegnaar permalink

    Swimmattix needs to open my daughter is the hapiest to go to her swimming lesson please

  13. Angelique permalink

    Please keep the swim clubs open!!! This is not just for fitness, but also for safety!

  14. Hayley Middleton permalink

    Swim is needed to start again even being one on one

  15. Garth Turvey permalink

    Swimming is a life skill and needs continual practise. Its vital our youth learn to swim.

  16. Garrith permalink

    Being able to swim is a essential life skill that should be compulsory to all children

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