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Seven Resolutions to start off the New Year Swimmingly

by ZwemZa on January 5th, 2020

Well hello, 2020! Seems like the right time to set some goals… within reason. Resolving to crush every practice, win every race, watch every Cody Miller vlog – admirable aspirations.

Realistic? Not even a little bit.

Here are seven healthy resolutions for the new year that you can absolutely keep.

  1. Cheer your face off for teammates. (Careful, however, not to drop it in the water, because a face floating in the pool is kinda unsettling).
  2. Towel off with gratitude daily. Tell your coaches thank you, and ditto for your family.
  3. Watch at least every other Cody Miller vlog. They’re great.
  4. Vow not to complain about the even-penguins-would-be-shivering frigidity of the pool more than four times per morning practice.
  5. Do a near-perfect job of embracing the fact that you’re not perfect, never have been perfect and never will be perfect. You’re human, just like everyone else. (Unless you’re a chlorine-powered cyborg, which is pretty awesome).
  6. Power your phone off once a day for 20 minutes and put it in a drawer in another room. Then sprawl out on the floor with the latest edition of Splash magazine, or a book, or a sudoku puzzle, or nothing at all.
  7. Smile frequently. Swimming is fun.

Chase McFadden | USA Swimming Contributor


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