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Day 8: FINA World Men’s Junior Water Polo Champs semifinals

by ZwemZa on December 19th, 2019

It is the seventh day with semifinal matches of the FINA World Men’s Junior Water Polo Championships at the new Al-Nasar Sport Club Kuwait.

In the classification matches, Hungary took out ninth with a 15-6 margin over Canada, built on an 8-2 opening quarter; Australia headed off New Zealand 9-8 for 11th, the second one-goal victory for the Aussies over the Kiwis here in Kuwait. Russia downed South Africa 20-10 for 13th spot; Egypt had the better of China 14-9 for 15th position; Brazil beat Uzbekistan 22-7 for 17th.

Thursday Schedule:

Classification 17-18
Match 60, 08:00, UZBEKISTAN 7 BRAZIL 22

Classification 15-16 
Match 61, 09:20, CHINA 7 EGYPT 22

Classification 13-14
Match 62, 10:40, RUSSIA 20 SOUTH AFRICA 10

Classification 11-12
Match 63, 12:00, NEW ZEALAND 8 AUSTRALIA 9

Classification 9-10 
Match 64, 13:20, HUNGARY 15 CANADA 6

Classification 19-20
Match 59, 14:40, KUWAIT IRAN

Classification 5-8 Semifinals
Match 65, 16:00, MONTENEGRO JAPAN

Classification 1-4 Semifinals
Match 67, 18:40, SERBIA ITALY
Match 68, 20:00, CROATIA GREECE

Friday Schedule:

Classification 7-8
Match 69, 13:30, L65 L66

Classification 5-6
Match 70, 15:00, W65 W66

Classification 3-4
Match 71, 16:30, L67 L68

Classification 1-2
Match 72, 18:00, W67 W6

Match 62, 10:40, RUSSIA SOUTH AFRICA

Classification 13-14

Quarters: 4-2, 6-1, 4-3, 6-4

Referees: Noboru Yamazaki (JPN), Conor Davis (AUS)

Extra man: RUS: 5/12. RSA: 5/11.

Penalties: Nil.


RUSSIA: Igor Chirkov, Sergei Mersh (2), Nikita Serebrennikov (2), Emil Zinnurov (3), Zamir Mirziev (1), Iaroslav Nikolaev (2), Nikita Mikhailov (4), Askar Makhiyanov (2), Valerii Pelikh (1), Ivan Vasilev (2), Danill Frolov (1), Egor Vasilev, Danila Apultchin. Head Coach: Sergei Voronin.

SOUTH AFRICA: Keegan Clark, Mogamad Mayman, Christopher Beamish, Ethan Coryndon-Baker, Todd Howard (4), Ross Stone (2), Joshua Faber, Jonathan Swanepoel (2), David MacDonald (1), William Dowsett (1), Yaseen Margro, James Hablutzel, Barnard van Rooyen. Head Coach: Jason Sileno.

Match Report

Russia collected 13th place, four positions down from 2017 and South Africa moved off the bottom rung in 2017 for 14th in Kuwait. Russia had two light matches (17-7 over Kuwait and 19-7 over China) to get to this encounter while South Africa had to fend off Brazil 7-6 and repulse Egypt 8-7. Russia went to 3-0 and closed the first period 4-2. Six unanswered goals set Russia apart, looking fresher, although none of these goals was on counter. South Africa was covering most of the pool and at this stage scored three to two splitting the halftime. Russia’s 12-5 advantage went to 14-6 at the final break. The final eight minutes was an enticing encounter at 6-4 with Russia getting most of its field players on the scoresheet and South African Todd Howard netting four of his own in what was an excellent tournament for the team, coming out of a challenging group that included semifinalists Croatia and Serbia and the mercurial Japan.

Photos: Eszter Novak

Russell McKinnon, FINA Media Committee

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