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Day 4: World Women’s Junior Water Polo Championship: Hungary, Spain, Italy and China into quarters

by ZwemZa on September 13th, 2019

Hungary, Spain, Italy and China have won through to the quarterfinals during fourth-day play of the FINA World Women’s Junior Water Polo Championship at the Olympic Swimming Complex in Funchal (POR) and join Russia, Greece, United States and Netherlands.

Hungary was the first second-round team to make Friday’s quarterfinals with a victory (14-10)over Brazil, which is consigned to the round 9-12.

Hungary will grasp a clash with world champion Russia.

Spain shaked Australia (9-11) and will face Greece for a spot in the semifinals.

Italy raced to the quarterfinals with a big 18-6 win against Canada and will try to continue its way against the United States.

The day finalised with China defeating South Africa 5-13. The Netherlands will be its next opponent.

Brazil, Canada, Australia and South Africa will battle for 9th-12th place.

In the classification round 13-16 semifinals, Japan gained its first win of the week, defeating Kazakhstan 19-5. Japan will play New Zealand for 13th and Kazakhstan will face host Portugal for 15th.

Thursday schedule

Round 13-16 Semifinals

Match 25, 10:00, JAPAN 19 KAZAKHSTAN 5

Match 26, 11:20, PORTUGAL 3 NEW ZEALAND 18

Playoff – Second round

Match 27, 12:40, HUNGARY 14 BRAZIL 10

Match 28, 17:20, AUSTRALIA 9 SPAIN 11

Match 29, 18:40, ITALY 18 CANADA 6

Match 30, 20:00, SOUTH AFRICA 5 CHINA 13

Friday schedule

Classification 15-16

Match 31, 09:00, KAZAKHSTAN v PORTUGAL

Classification 13-14

Match 32, 10:20, JAPAN v NEW ZEALAND

Round 9-12 Semifinals

Match 33, 11:40, BRASIL v CANADA



Match 35, 16:00, UNITED STATES v ITALY

Match 36, 17:20, NETHERLANDS v CHINA

Match 37, 18:40, RUSSIA v HUNGARY

Match 38, 20:00, GREECE v SPAIN

Match 30, 20:00, SOUTH AFRICA 5 CHINA 13

Quarters: 2-1, 0-2, 1-8, 2-2

Referees: Asumi Nishihara (JPN) and Eurico Moreira da Silva (POR)


SOUTH AFRICA: Daniella Passoni, Paige Tancrel, Jennifer Everett (1), Boati Motau, Astrid Faustmann, Hanna Muller, Shakira January, Kate Hinrichs, Hanna Weppelman, Jordan Wedderburn (3), Chloe Meecham, Lucy Miszewski (1), Zanne Smit. Head Coach: Delaine Mentoor

CHINA: Wenxin Dong, Shiyun Wang (2), Yizhen Zhu (2), Xiao Chen, Bozhou Lu (3), Qingwei Wang (1), Wen Su (1), Rui Xu (1), Xinyan Meng (2), Yujia Bai, Ziyan Xiao, Siya Yan (1), Yuting Xie. Head Coach: Jun Lin.

South Africa dreamed for at least 10 minutes about the possibility of going into the quarterfinals of the World Championship. Jordan Wedderburn scored twice at the start of the first quarter so she gave South Africa a valious advantage, but China reacted in the second period. Lu Buzhou and Xu Rui started the comeback of the Chinese team, which ended up winning 5-13.

Lucia Santiago, FINA Press Correspondent from Portugal


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