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Excitement continues at CANA water polo in Durban

by ZwemZa on March 10th, 2018


The South African ladies’ U18 team successfully qualified for the 4th FINA World Junior Water Polo Championships during the second last day of the CANA Zone IV Junior Water Polo Championships in Durban Saturday.

In their final match of the competition, the home side made it three for three when they outplayed Zimbabwe by 20 goals to 5.

Egypt finished top of the log in the men’s qualifying events, winning their morning match against Zimbabwe 16-6 and concluded the competition with another draw against South Africa (6-6).

The final match between South Africa and Zimbabwe tomorrow will be the decider for the second qualification place to the World Championships.

Both the men’s and ladies’ qualification to the World Junior Water Polo Championships are subject to final approval from FINA.

In Sunday’s CANA Championships men’s final, the South African U16 team will go up against the U17 side for the gold medal after they won their game against Zimbabwe U18B 5-2, with the ladies’ gold to be contested between Zimbabwe U18A and South Africa’s U17.

Mzansi’s U17 side made the final by beating the U16 team with 11 goals to 4, while the Zimbabwean ladies claimed a victory against their B team with a narrow 8-6 win.


Egypt U18 11 vs South Africa U18 3 (Men’s Qualifying event)

South Africa U16 2 vs Zimbabwe U18 15 (Women – CANA Championship game)


11h00 – Zimbabwe U18 4 vs Egypt U18 26 (Men’s Qualifying event)

12h00 – South Africa U17 10 vs Zimbabwe U18 13 (Women – CANA Championships)

17h00 – Zimbabwe U18 7 vs South Africa U18 20 (Women’s Qualifying event)

19h00 – South Africa U18 13 vs Zimbabwe U18 6 (Men’s Qualifying event)


08h00 – Zimbabwe U18 4 vs Egypt U18 22 (Men’s Qualifying event)

09h30 – South Africa U16 1 vs South Africa U17 7 (Men – CANA Championships)

12h30 – South Africa U18 15 vs Zimbabwe U18 2 (Men’s Qualifying event)

14h30 – South Africa U17 23 vs Zimbabwe U18B 2 (Men – CANA Championships)

16h00 – Zimbabwe U18B 16 vs South Africa U16 5 (Women – CANA Championships)

17h30 – South Africa U18 9 vs Zimbabwe U18 5 (Women’s Qualifying event)

19h00 – Egypt U18 4 vs South Africa U18 4 (Men’s Qualifying event)


09h30 – Zimbabwe U18 6 vs Egypt U18 16 (Men’s Qualifying event)

11h00 – South Africa U16 4 vs South Africa U17 11 (Women – CANA Championships)

12h30 – Zimbabwe U18A 8 vs Zimbabwe U18B 6 (Women – CANA Championships)

14h30 – Zimbabwe U18B 2 vs South Africa U16 5 (Men – CANA Championships)

16h00 – South Africa U17 9 vs Zimbabwe U18B 3 (Women – CANA Championships)

17h30 – South Africa U18 20 vs Zimbabwe U18A 5 (Women’s Qualifying event)

19h00 – Egypt U18 6 vs South Africa U18 6 (Men’s Qualifying event)


09h15 – South Africa U18 vs Zimbabwe U18A (Men’s Qualifying event)

10h45 – South Africa U16 vs Zimbabwe U18B (CANA Women’s Bronze)

12h00 – Zimbabwe U18A vs South Africa U17 (CANA Women’s Final)

13h30 – South Africa U17 vs South Africa U16 (CANA Men’s Final)

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