A letter has been published by SASCOC following the sacking of Tubby Reddy ©Getty Images

A letter has been published by SASCOC following the sacking of Tubby Reddy ©Getty Images

The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) have published a letter outlining the reasons for the sacking of their chief executive Tubby Reddy.

The letter, signed by SASCOC President Gideon Sam, also explained the reason for the dismissals of financial officer Vinesh Maharaj and Jean Kelly, a senior member of SASCOC staff under Reddy.

Sam stated that their Board and the Finance Committee received a number of reports regarding allegations of possible transgressions by staff members, which could contravene their constitution as well as policies and procedures.

It was claimed at a meeting last January that SASCOC would respond to the “changing environment, opportunities, threats, challenges and the multitude of allegations against SASCOC and its staff”.

Sam reportedly met with SASCOC staff conveying the resolutions of the meeting and explained the role staff would play in the “new direction”.

The letter alleges Reddy opted not to attend the meeting.

SASCOC’s Finance Commission reportedly told the Board about concerns on a monthly basis, with the organisation stating the negative publicity impacted their ability to attract funding.

A formal investigation was then established to investigate four allegations, including the “sudden changes to SASCOC’s security service” and the “alleged involvement of staff in irregular governance activities”.

Allegations also included a claim of sexual harassment made against Reddy, as well as “awareness of the so-called ‘SS Griffin’ Report on the alleged bugging/tapping of phones and office communication”.


SASCOC member federations were sent the full letter, along with an accompanying disciplinary report containing full findings and recommendations.

According to sportsclub.co.za, the report found Reddy was claimed to have of sent an “erotic calendar via email and asked the colleague to ‘identify her birthday position'”, as well as “repeatedly asking for neck and shoulder massages during working hours”.

SS Griffin Risk Management Services was alleged to have been commissioned by Reddy to debug SASCOC’s offices and his own home.

It was claimed Reddy had misinterpreted the meeting held by Sam, which he chose not to attend, and believed the SASOC President had bugged the offices.

Allegations also reportedly include failure to disclose dealings with the marketing agent of Chinese sportswear brand 361°, who supplied South Africa’s kit for Rio 2016.

A conflict of interest in setting up a Ekhaya, South Africa’s traditional village, and a bid exhibition at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, were also claimed.

Reddy and Maharaj were found guilty on 15 and 12 charges respectively, including a breach of the organisation’s finance policy.

Kelly was reportedly found guilty on two charges, having allegedly colluded with Reddy against SASCOC.

“The chairperson issued comprehensive findings on the 22 December 2017, the findings included his recommendations,” the SASOC letter read.

“The Board considered these and had to decide whether to support the recommendations as prescribed.

“The Board resolved to accept and support the recommendations of the chairperson and Mr Tubby Reddy, Mr Vinesh Maharaj and Ms Jean Kelly were summarily dismissed, with effect from 8 January 2018.

“Since the disciplinary hearing was independently chaired the dismissals recommended by senior counsel and subsequently ratified by the Board, there is no purpose in lodging an internal appeal.

“If these employees wish to challenge the dismissal, they must instead approach the Council for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration.”

Neither International Olympic Committee member Sam Ramsamy or Anant Singh responded in time to express an opinion on the case.


Fellow SASOC members Mark Alexander and Khaya Mejeke, President of South Africa Rugby and Bodybuilding South Africa respectively, voted against the dismissals.

The sackings were supported by SASOC President Sam, as well as Board members Barry Hendricks, Merrill King, Jerry Segwaba, Debbie Alexander, Lwandile Simeland and Kobus Marais.

South Africa Table Tennis vice-president Hajera Kajee, Korfball South Africa’s Les Williams and former Paralympian Natalie du Toit abstained from the vote.

It means just seven of the 14 members voted in favour of the dismissals.

Reddy yesterday vowed to fight the sacking, with his legal team saying the official had claimed a Disciplinary Committee process was a “sham”.

Appearing alongside Maharaj and Kelly, the official stated that a majority decision was not reached by the organisation, with his lawyers describing the disciplinary process as a “sham and invalid”.

They alleged the hearing went ahead without Reddy being able to provide evidence, asserting he had provided two medical certificates explaining he was ill and unavailable to attend.

SASCOC state that neither Maharaj nor Kelly appeared at their hearings either.

Reddy’s lawyers’ statement also claimed that the “flawed process” had cost SASCOC more than ZAR3 million (£180,000/$240,000/€203,000) to remove him from his post.

Michael Pavitt