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Budapest 2017: Day 1- Women’s Water Polo results go to form

by ZwemZa on July 17th, 2017


All matches went to form on the opening day of women’s water polo at the FINA World Championships at the Alfred Hajos Pool here today.

In Group A, Italy had the better of Canada 10-4 and China was up and down in an 11-4 defeat of Brazil.

In Group B, Spain was too good for New Zealand, winning 10-2, thanks to a 3-0 start and a 4-1 finish. Reigning world champion United States of America thrashed South Africa 24-2.

In Group C, Netherlands, silver medallist in Kazan two years ago, made short shrift of France, going from 7-0 at quarter time to 12-0 at halftime and on to a 17-2 victory. Hungary drew the biggest crowd, about 6000, and beat Japan 20-11 in what was a thrill a second.

In Group D, Australia, fourth in Kazan, downed Kazakhstan 16-4. Russia headed off Greece 9-7 by controlling the match throughout.


Quarters: 6-0, 7-0, 5-2, 6-0

Referees: Diego Garibaldi (ARG), Daniel Daners (URU).

Penalties: Nil

Extra Man: RSA: 0/4. USA: 2/5.


SOUTH AFRICA: Rebecca Thomas, Amber Penny, Kieren Paley, Shelly Faulman, Megan Schooling (1), Amica Hallendorf, Carly Wessels, Amy Keevy, Zandre Smit, Marcelle Manson, Nicola Barret, Kelsey White, Lauren Nixon. Head Coach: Gareth Samuel.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Gabrielle Stone, Madeline Musselman, Melissa Seidemann (5), Rachel Fattal (3), Paige Hauschild (2), Margaret Steffens, Jordan Raney, Kiley Neushul (3), Aria Fischer (2), Jamie Neushul (6), Makenzie Fischer (2), Alys Williams (1), Amanda Longan. Head Coach: Adam Krikorian.

In what will probably be the most lopsided match of the fortnight, reigning champion United States of America — in fact, holder of all four major crowns — defeated South Africa by a huge margin. To South Africa’s credit, it tried hard against a much sharper team and was rewarded with a pair of goals in the third quarter. The first came from an extra-man play earned before halftime and converted after. The second also came after the extra-man period had expired. Kiley Neushul used the match as a shooting exercise, claiming six goals and Rachel Fattal was also in goal-scoring mood. Head Coach Adam Krikorian rotated his bench and went away with some pieces of the puzzle sorted.

Adam Krikorian (USA) — Head Coach

“It’s always great to get a game under our belt, to prepare us for the next game and the game after that. We are pleased with the win, but we are more pleased with getting a game under our belt. I’m not sure it will help us to prepare, only time will tell. There are always nervous feelings any time you play the first game.”

Rachel Fattal (USA) — Three goals

“It was good. It was the first game here and I think for the first game we did it well. I think we have a good team and I’m excited and I think we are going to get better each game we play together. It’s going to be very good, hopefully.”

Marcelle Manson (RSA) — Player

“We are all amateur players, so it’s a great honour for us playing against these amazing players. Our team is very young; that’s why we are satisfied with our game. We are happy with the two goals that we scored because we appreciate all the small results.”

Progress points:

Group A: China 2, Italy 2, Canada 0, Brazil 0.

Group B: USA 2, Spain 2, New Zealand 0, South Africa 0.

Group C: Netherlands 2, Hungary 2, Japan 0, France 0.

Group D: Australia 2, Russia 2, Greece 0, Kazakhstan 0.

Russell McKinnon, FINA Media Committee

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