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Kolescnichenko wins the first gold medal in synchronized swimming

by ZwemZa on July 15th, 2017

Svetlana Kolescnichenko wins confidently the solo technical routine event. The silver medal acquired by the Spanish Ona Carbonell, the Ukrainian Anna Volosyhna can stand up at the third step of the stand.

The press conference’s first question is addressed about the wonderful environment and the outside pool. All the medallists emphasize the amazing sight, and thank to the organizers for allowing the outdoor synchronized swimming. Ona Carbonell separately says – “I prefer the pool very much, the circumstances are perfect for the competition, this is an amazing world championships.

Full Results : Solo

Kolescnichenko is very happy to be the first gold medallist synchronized swimmer of this year’s championships, and then she evaluates her routine.

“I feel I performed very well, I made what I planned. Everyone is trying to do their best in the team, which helps me a lot in reaching good results. Especially thanks to the president of the Russian Swimming Federation, who helped us to train in the best circumstances.

The silver medallist Ona Carbonell says the music helped her a lot. The routine offers the opportunity to perform a number of spectacular moves. In her own performance she imitates “snake” gestures and practised a lot above and below the water.

The rhythm of Anna Voloshyna’s routine is kept by Ukrainian folk music.

„This not was my first medal, but it was the first time, that I claimed a medal in a solo event. I chose this music because this belongs closest to my heart. I hope I will perform better next year”.

The last question of the press conference is related to the 21st century’s style. The journalists ask the Russian, to whom she sends her first selfie with her medal. She answers, of course, to her coach, but so far she does not use her phone at all.

Women solo technical routine:

  1. Svetlana Kolesnichenko (Russian Federation) – 95,2036 total points
  2. Ona Carbonell (Spain) – 93,6534 total points
  3. Anna Voloshyna (Ukraine) – 91,9992 total points



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