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Winnington wins a tonne at Aussie Age Group Champs

by ZwemZa on April 21st, 2017
Elijah Winnington (ausswim)

Elijah Winnington (ausswim)

Elijah Winnington has achieved his goal of winning gold in each of his eight individual events on his busy Age Championships program, taking out the boys 16 years’ 100m butterfly and the 200m individual medley.

Winnington said his final race in the medley was his toughest but the one he is most proud of, with his coach’s words pushing him through fatigue to take the win.

“Tonight I was pretty buggered after that 100 fly, I’ve had a big week,” Winnington said.

“My coach Rich [Scarce] just said to me – ‘Go out and treat this like it is the first race of the meet, go out and attack it, you want your first race to be your best’.

“So that’s what I did. I went out with the mentality that this was my first race and I just went out there and did the biggest PB of my meet. I smashed what I even thought I could go myself.”

Winnington’s medley time of 2:03.95 was over a second faster than the goal time of 2:05.00 that he set himself going into the meet. It wasn’t his only personal best time of the meet either, shaving time off his 50m freestyle and his 400m individual medley, whilst hitting on or close to his best in all his other races.

The mature teenager from Bond on the Gold Coast said that the times were his main focus, and winning the medals was just an added extra.

“It is pretty cool. I did set the goal to get eight [gold medals] but it was a goal that came with doing times I wanted to do first. I did that, so the eight from eight is just a bonus. I would have been happy no matter what, even if I got zero, as long as I hit my times.”

Eighteen-year-old Mikayla Messer gave her home crowd a reason to cheer, winning the 800m freestyle in style.

Messer had her work cut out for her in the distance race, but held off TSS Aquatics’ Laura Taylor and Madeleine Gough who finished second and third respectively.

The gold was Messer’s second of the meet, having won the 400m on the opening night of competition. The wins also come off the back of an intense and successful campaign at the Australian Open Championships where she collected a silver medal in the 1500m as well as finishing fourth in the 800m and fifth in the 400m freestyle.

Her time of 8:36.26 in tonight’s 800m final was just 0.01 of a second off the time she did in the same race at trials, showing her consistency and promise over the distance.

In other events, Emily Seebohm’s training partner Calypso Sheridan took out the girls’ 17/18 years’ backstroke in 2:15.85 and 13-year-old Jenna Forrester continued to show her fantastic form winning the 400m freestyle in 4:15.79, just a fraction behind the time of Samuel Short who won the corresponding boys’ event in 4:15.54. Thomas Hauck grabbed his sixth gold and his second silver in the 400m individual medley and the 200m backstroke respectively.

Top 3 Results – Day 5 Georgina Hope Foundation Australian Age Championships

Girls 17/18yrs 200m Backstroke
1. Calypso Sheridan (Brisbane Grammar) – 2:15.85
2. Connie McClelland (MLC Aquatic) – 2:16.47
3. Lauren Arenas (Rackley) – 2:18.51

Boys 17/18yrs 200m Backstroke
1. Bradley Woodward (Mingara Aquatic) – 2:01.10
2. Bowen Gough (Nunawading) – 2:02.28
3. Will Walsh (East Brisbane) – 2:04.09

Girls 13/U 400m Freestyle
1. Jenna Forrester (St Peters Western) – 4:15.79
2. Emily White (Norwood) – 4:23.38
3. Taylor Timpani (All Saints Gold Coast) – 4:24.24

Boys 13/U 400m Freestyle
1. Samuel Short (Albany Creek) – 4:15.54
2. Ruben Rees (Miami) – 4:19.18
3. Jackson Clark (Southside Aquatics) – 4:20.79

Girls 14yrs 100m Backstroke
1. Gabriella Peiniger (Melbourne Vicentre) – 1:03.20
2. Charli Brown (Carlile) – 1:03.43
3. Alice Campbell (Chandler) – 1:04.65

Boys 14yrs 100m Backstroke
1. Joshua Edwards-Smith (UWA West Coast) – 58.05
2. Thomas Hauck (All Saints Gold Coast) – 58.72
3. Alex Kirchner (Nunawading) – 59.69

Girls 15yrs 200m Freestyle
1. Kaylee McKeown (USC Spartans) – 2:02.87
2. Tori Wright (Marion) – 2:03.25
3. Isabel Ekelmans (Melbourne Vicentre) – 2:03.50

Boys 15yrs 200m Freestyle
1. Csonger Cellie (Kawana Waters) – 1:54.32
2. Nick Jennens (Carlile) – 1:54.48
3. Alex Quach (The Hills) – 1:55.48

Girls 16yrs 100m Butterfly
1. Emma-Lee Arnold (Norwood) – 1:01.19
2. Abbey Slaughter (Nepean Aquatic) – 1:01.41
3. Olivia Borg (Miami) – 1:01.48

Boys 16yrs 100m Butterfly
1. Elijah Winnington (Bond) – 55.52
2. Michael Jones (Newmarket Racers) – 55.98
3. Mitchell Follett (Norwood) – 56.34

Boys 17/18yrs 1500m Freestyle
1. Nathan Robinson (St Peters Western) – 15:16.78
2. Jacob Vincent (Miami) – 15:20.41
3. Ben Roberts (Breakers) – 15:41.38

Girls 13/U 50m Freestyle
1. Kate Harrison (St Hilda’s) – 26.59
2. Emily Barany (Trinity Aquatic) – 27.03
3. Paris Burlock (Bayside) – 27.04

Boys 13/U 50m Freestyle
1. Liam Donnelly (Woogaroo) – 24.90
2. Edward Speller (Melbourne Vicentre) – 24.92
3. Joseph Hamson (Singleton) – 25.35

Girls 14yrs 400m Individual Medley
1. Shikira-Lee Matheson (St Peters Western) – 4:52.50
2. Georgina McCarthy (New Zealand) – 4:58.79
3. Jessica Madden (SLC Aquadot) – 5:00.14

Boys 14yrs 400m Individual Medley
1. Thomas Hauck (All Saints Gold Coast) – 4:35.37
2. Thomas Neill (Rackley) – 4:41.08
3. Seungbeen Cho (St Peters Western) – 4:42.78

Girls 15yrs 200m Breaststroke
1. Caitlin Leslie (St Peters Western) – 2:35.90
2. Madeline Snell (Acacia Bayside) – 2:36.43
3. Lauren Robinson (Acacia Bayside) – 2:37.58

Boys 15yrs 200m Breaststroke
1. Tom Rimmington (Newmarket Racers) – 2:21.17
2. Ryan Bicknell (Nunawading) – 2:21.31
3. Aleksandr Bell (UWA West Coast) – 2:22.81

Girls 16yrs 200m Individual Medley
1. Sarah Beale (Acacia Bayside) – 2:17.02
2. Hannah Bates (New Zealand) – 2:18.69
3. Katie Strachan (St Peters Western) – 2:18.86

Boys 16yrs 200m Individual Medley
1.Elijah Winnington (Bond) – 2:03.95
2. Marco Soesanto (Melbourne Vicentre) – 2:06.13
3. Leon Macalister (Carlile) – 2:06.58

Girls 13/U 100m Breaststroke
1. Asia Minnes (Swim Neptune Canada) – 1:13.60
2. Tiffany Mackay (Australian Crawl) – 1:13.76
3. Sienna Harben (Mountain Crk Mooloolaba) – 1:15.14

Boys 13/U 100m Breaststroke
1. Daniel Seo (Trinity Grammar) – 1:09.43
2. Anthony Ngo (Nunawading) – 1:09.65
2. Charles Lockley (Altona) – 1:09.65
3. TJ Chong Sue (UWA West Coast) – 1:09.70

Girls 17/18yrs 800m Freestyle
1. Mikayla Messer (Chandler) – 8:36.26
2. Laura Taylor (TSS Aquatics) – 8:39.47
3. Madeleine Gough (TSS Aquatics) – 8:41.72

Girls 14/U 4x50m Freestyle Relay
1. St Peters Western – 1:46.86
2. Vic Bayside – 1:48.96
3. Melbourne Vicentre – 1:49.15

Boys 14/U 4x50m Freestyle Relay
1. UWA West Coast – 1:40.70
2. Melbourne Vicentre – 1:41.05
3. Knox Pymble – 1:41.91


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