Tony Estanguet, the triple Olympic canoeing gold medallist who is the Paris 2024 co-chairman, said: “In Saint-Denis, we will build our much-needed Aquatics Centre, which will help address the current problem that one child out of every two in the area has not learned to swim by the time they are 11-years-old.

“When it is handed over to the local community after the Games as part of our legacy promise, the Aquatics Centre will provide an accessible, state-of-the-art facility that teaches water safety to local children and encourages them to take up swimming.”

Paris is bidding against Los Angeles for the 2024 Games, with the International Olympic Committee due to elect a host city on September 13 at their Session in Lima.

Francis Luyce, President of the French Swimming Federation, added: “Bringing the 2024 Games to Paris will prove hugely beneficial for swimming throughout France by raising the profile of our sport and encouraging even more people to take up swimming.

“The new Aquatics Centre will also play a very important role in the community of Saint-Denis providing all citizens with greater access to top class facilities.

“We are proud to be a founding partner of La Nuit de l’Eau, which not only raises awareness and donations for vital causes such as access to clean drinking water for communities around the world, but also promotes swimming here at home and encourages people to get involved with their local pool or club.”

Dan Palmer | Inside the Games