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Rio 2016: South African’s at the Games – the times & events

by ZwemZa on July 25th, 2016

Medley4The Olympic schedule is a smörgåsbord of action and the time difference will make you cringe. South Africa has entered a team of over 130 athletes (a big chunk of those coming from the team events). ZwemZa has put together a schedule with all aquatic events South Africans could compete at the 2016 Games.

If you’re a fan of the Olympics, best you get your coffee IV drip ready because the time difference is going to be painful. The five-hour time lapse might not sound like much, but with many of the quarter and semi-finals taking place late in the evening in Rio, it’s pretty brutal. The only slight relief is that the heats – the stages before crunch time – are almost all at reasonable times.

South Africa has also managed to clobber together the biggest Olympic team since readmission, so if you’re a keen follower of the games and want to watch every single South African athlete competing, it’s going to take some serious planning. The only slight relief is that the heats – the stages before crunch time – are almost all at reasonable times.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. All the events in which South African athletes will definitely compete as well as the finals and semi-finals they could reach are listed below.

Friday, 5 August

There are no events on this day, but the opening ceremony starts at 23:00.

Saturday, 6 August

18:00-20:30 Plenty of swimming action with a round of heats, including South Africa’s Myles Brown in the 400m freestyle as well as Michael Meyer and Sebastien Rousseau in the 400m individual medley. Cameron van der Burgh is also in action in the 100m breaststroke.Sunday, 7 August

03:00-04:55 More action in the pool with the men’s 400m individual medley final. Two South Africans – Michael Myer and Sebastien Rousseau – could feature if they make it through their heats. Myles Brown could also be in action the 400m Freestyle Final.

20:00-21:10 Julia Vincent takes part in the 3m springboard diving event.

18:00-20:20 Sunday is the first time we’ll see Chad le Clos in action. He’s swimming in the 200m freestyle heats. Myles Brown will take part in the same event while Christopher Reid is in action in the 100m backstroke.

Monday, 8 August

03:00-05:15 It’s the 200m men’s freestyle semi-finals and the men’s 100m backstroke semi-finals which could see two South Africans competing for medals. Cameron van der Burgh could also be in action the 100m men’s breaststroke final.

Tuesday, 9 August

03:00-04:59 It could be a Chad le Clos and Michael Phelps 2012 rematch with the men’s 200m butterfly semifinal, provided of course they’ve both made it through their heats. It’s also the men’s 100m backstroke final and the men’s 200m freestyle final; both events could feature a South African athlete.

18:00-19:40 Cameron van der Burgh and Jared Crous will be swimming in the men’s 200m breaststroke heats while the South African men’s freestyle relay team is also in action in the heats.

Wednesday, 10 August

03:00-05:10 Chad le Clos could be swimming in the 200m men’s butterfly final while Cameron van der Burgh could be in the men’s 200m breaststroke final and the men’s freestyle relay team could also be competing for a medal.

Thursday, 11 August

03:00-05:25 It’s not all hellish for this session. Cameron van der Burgh could be in action in the men’s 200m breaststroke final, but it should be the first event of the session. That means you can wake up, watch van der Burgh win a medal and get right back to sleep.

18:00-20:15 Some early evening heats see Douglas Erasmus and Brad Tandy in action in the men’s 50m freestyle while Chad le Clos swims in the men’s 100m butterfly heats.

Friday, 12 August

03:00-04:55 Some more possible early morning pool action. Erasmus and Tandy could be in action in the semi-finals of the 50m freestyle while Chad Le Clos could be in action in the 100m butterfly finals. If it’s Michael Phelps you want to watch, then you’ll definitely have to tune in.

18:00-20:20 Matthew Meyer will swim in the 1,500m freestyle heats and the 100m Medley Relay team will also be in action in their heats.

Saturday, 13 August

03:00-04:30 Best be sure you’re up early (or stay up late). It’s the men’s 100m butterfly final which could feature Michael Phelps and Chad le Clos. South Africa could also have a contender in the men’s 50m freestyle.

Sunday, 14 August03:00-04:40 It’s the finals of the men’s 1,500m freestyle and the men’s medley relay. South Africa might have a contender in the relay, but it’s Sunday. We suggest you stay in bed and catch the highlights and settle in for Michelle Weber swimming in the 10k marathon at 13:00.

Tuesday, 16 August

Just one aquatics event with Chad Ho swimming the 10km marathon at 13:00.


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